As I had a few issues with the previous design I’ve been quietly working on this new version of my site. Based on the Agama-pro theme with changes and fixes to make it suitable for photography. The main improvements for now are

  • The title of the site stays on screen
  • The other sites where you can follow my work are visible (top of the page)
  • The big header is only shown on the front page.
  • The responsive version works better and has a more useful menu
  • some minor points.

Of course, there are also some issues left. The main issue was that the theme as such didn’t show featured images on image posts. Weird and I assume somewhat of an oversight. And when I did fix it to show the image, it was randomly cropped. Not what you want on a photography site.

Then I’m there’s a long list of available social and social share options, but stumbleupon is missing. And there’s no way to add your own missing favourites to the list. As stumbleupon brings in a lot of my users this is an issue for me. Of course I can fix this issue too, but some things I would like to be fixed by the author.

Nevertheless, I think it’s an improvement. Comments and remarks are welcome.

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