Why I stopped posting photo’s on google+ (update)

October 26, 2015|General mutterings|0 comments

For some time now I stopped uploading my photography to google+ as a way to share my work. Here are my 5 main reasons: I can’t share to more that one community at the same time, messing up my photo page and my profile page. As every share is an unique object so are the +1’s and the comments. No single place where I can find how my photo is doing but every

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Already 10 years ago?!

July 15, 2014|General mutterings|2 comments

When I started with digital photography I also participated in worth1000.com contests for a while. While searching for something else I came across my account and the photoshopped contest entries. I couldn’t believe it was already 10 years ago again.. Time flies.. Anyhow, here’s for general entertainment, my old photoshop work. Just for the heck of it.. goto my worth1000.com portfolio

Firefox not showing photo’s

July 5, 2014|General mutterings|0 comments

And then I noticed that firefox didn’t show the photo’s. Sure, the rest of the text was there, but for some reason the www.funsite.eu wasn’t accepted, but funsite.eu was. After some research I saw a few option where things could go wrong: the “www” which is a cname in my DNS settings. the redirection from www.funsite.eu to just funsite.eu the DNS lookup as such and as it turned out, it was the last.

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